Brainwaves Binaural Meditation Help

Sometimes even the most dedicated to meditation practice can lose focus when we become focused on other things in life.  It’s how it is.  Sometimes even those who usually have no trouble diving deep CAN still encounter mental roadblocks that make calming the mind feel impossible.

I am one of those people.  I have been in practice for almost two decades but in that time, I do tend to wonder off track with the daily grind and my mind reminds me that I DO need to realign myself especially when you have a mind like mine that is overwhelmed with anxiety and it never seems to quit talking, contemplating, planning…

When I get lost outside of myself I need help finding my way back.  Being lost doesn’t necessarily mean I have forgotten what I am doing or my goals but that in my mind I have forgotten to “check in” and listen to what my mind and body are saying and they get my attention when I cannot get my heart beat to calm down or I have trouble sleeping or the things that usually bring me joy are no longer doing so, when I notice I am off and cannot relax enough on my own to stop, I do use rituals.

I believe rituals aren’t things that are meant to be ‘worshipped’ so to speak but they help realign your focus, remind you of your own inner personal journey.  There are a number of things people use and they aren’t nearly as woo, woo as some would believe they are, like using them can conjure up demons or invoke the spirits or other weird stuff.

It’s better understood in the sense that they help bring you to focus in a different area that is centered in you “being” not superficial outwardly.  Things like candles, aroma, shrines, symbols, a space dedicated to practice, an amulet, a picture and sounds.

When I get too tightly wound I resort to candles (that usually smell like lavender) and calming meditation music OR if it’s really bad or I am searching my soul for something I use binaural tones to help shift my brain waves.

That’s what they do.  It’s a pulsing sound of sorts in different frequencies.  It’s kind of like when you hear a drum beat and you start to pick up the beat and you become focused on that but you aren’t necessarily trying to, you just do.

The same seems to be at work with these tones.  I must warn that some sources aren’t good ones.  I was using some that came with a sleep app called Sleep Melodies I got off the App Store but those ones made me feel afraid and more anxious than usual.  Perhaps some frequencies had an adverse effect on people, I don’t know but I don’t use them anymore after one night it really freaked me out.  Like it felt like I was going to a dark place NOT a light place.

Now I use Brainwaves.  It’s another app that I found in the Apple App store but it’s not cheap.  It cost about 60$ but offers a one month free trail.  In that one you have a lot more to choose from and from the ones I have used, they do work as intended EVEN though I always think “this isn’t going to work” and then somehow it does.

I just used it the other day after not using it for a while and it worked for me.  Maybe it will work for you.  I do think it works best with headphones though.  I have tried using it without and it doesn’t do the same thing and I think there must be frequencies that are inaudible on regular speakers but you can hear them in the headphones.

Anyways.  I thought maybe it would be a good resource if anyone wants to try it out.  Again, I don’t make money off anything I write here.  I really do just like to share with you what I think works or what doesn’t seem to work.