Silenced for This

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I was restricted from posting and commenting on Facebook today for posting the first picture as a comment under a friends new link about stores boarding up their shops in preparation for the outcome of this election.

That’s a pretty telling attribute of what the Unites States is like at the moment. I was a little bit taken aback by it because the similarities between Isis and American terrorist are so similar and when I see them, yes they are terrorist to me.

They have showed up at polling stations with guns under the dubious direction of the president to protect against fraud which is the dumbest thing ever since they can’t stick their heads inside the little cubicles to see who the heck they are voting for which means they were there to intimidate people from voting.

People with guns walking around with flags and trying to intimidate people into doing what they say are terrorists and if I see them, then THEY are a threat. I don’t know how else there is to look at it. If someone comes to my home with a weapon drawn, they are a threat. If someone comes to our kids schools with a gun they are a threat. If I see someone on the street with a weapon drawn, they are a threat.

The case is being decided that if and when we protect ourselves from the American Terrorist that we are the bad people. It IS the same in other countries that have dictatorships.

They do it in the Philippines, in the Middle East, Africa… We are no different when a small number of people decide that they are above the law and disregard truth to chase down their own ideas that a lot of people do NOT agree with so they force it.

To be silenced just for positing the similarities but having a president who constantly talks about fighting and wars and intentionally gets people riled up to fight some made up shit is okay? WTF? And of course I know that it makes them smile when someone like me is saying WTF? They are nothing without their guns, NOTHING.

They are a bunch of cowards who can’t play by the rules and expect the world to do what they say because they believe they are better than everyone else, that their version of their god is better than anyone else and they have been called to do terrorize the world so that it will be a better place.

They look at the top picture and call them terrorist but they seem themselves as saviors. The same with it the other way. They say things to mean that people like me are infringing on their religious rights but freedom of religions does NOT mean that yours becomes mine and to be honest, it’s the way these religions are portrayed and the things they do that make me hate religions so much. To be constantly pressured and told what to do or believe based on what they think. No thanks.

Part of me has always believed since Obama was elected, that they just want to fight. That they want the end of the world. That they need the Revelation to happen because it would put an end to the misery that is their lives and their outlook on what really makes life beautiful.

They choose to blame their misery or misfortunes on others and instead of working with everyone else to create a better world that helps more people move up, they choose to denounce that as some evil thing and it makes zero sense especially when they use religion (christianity) as the reason to do these things. It seems to me that they either aren’t christian at all and are using religious freedoms and protections to do these shitty things or they don’t really understand what love actually is. Who knows.

All I know is that every year, everyday, it has gotten progressively worse in America and I don’t see it getting any better if trump continues and those people who keep threatening democracy, innocent and peace loving people are allowed to keep intimidating us. People fight back, it’s only natural to want to protect ourselves from threats so it’s really hard to see how there will be a way out of this since once this sort of thing sets in, it takes intervention to resolve it and there has never been an intervention that didn’t result in a full on war.

So… for our sake and everyones sake, it would just be better for everyone to vote for Biden and have some structure again so that THIS, whatever this ultimately turns out to be, cannot progress into a total disaster otherwise the history books end up reading, “America ruled for 244 years”.

Christianity and Guns and trump. The Caliph is a spiritual ruler and trump IS a cult leader. SO there is NO DIFFERENCE between the two. NONE. They even serve the same god.

It’s disturbing and disappointing that what America and other countries have fought so hard against is right here in America and don’t be a fool to believe that this internal threat isn’t being displayed in other countries and aren’t speaking amongst themselves about the nuclear threat of America.

Let’s also not overlook that Iran also sent threatening emails to Democrats telling them to vote for trump or they will hurt them. YES even that happened! The GOP has also tried throw out perfectly LEGAL votes from a drive up voting station for seniors to be more protected against the virus.

There are just sooo many things wrong with this and every single American and people around the world have a reason to be worried about this election BECAUSE America has been the world power for 240 years and if America fails to maintain a democracy, then all the other countries that have strived so long and so hard for peace will all be for nothing because these people, these terrorist, they are like cancers that have no cure.

They don’t give a fuck about peace and love, they just want to harm people, and be right and win and have control and do terrible things to perfectly good and peaceful people. Sad. What’s worse is that I know so many people who love him. I don’t think they all necessarily believe in the violence or the religions but they so support it and that’s just as bad because they have no idea how much freedom they are giving away because having party seems so much more fun.

They have no concept of how we could easily end up just like the people we fight. It’s really hard to believe that people I have grown up with who hated liars and cheats and have always been about the preservation of freedom and America, have turned that way on accounts of lies. A LOT OF LIES. And worse, some are so ridiculous it’s really beyond me HOW they can believe such stupid shit. Then again, they think the Bible is real, word for word so there’s that.

Anyway. I think I have ranted long enough. It’s just disturbing and I am pissed off that pointing out what is obvious was silenced because they are a bunch of pussies who feel the need to shut people up every time it doesn’t agree with what they believe.