What a Day-luge

After dropping off one of my kids to school today, the rain unleashed a deluge upon us, a sight I haven’t seen since my hiatus to Arizona some 15 years ago. 

It’s quite an incredible sight to watch the water rise so fast before your eyes.  Most of the time, when the weather alter system goes off with alerts about flash floods or other weather related warning, I don’t pay much attention but they are pretty serious considering that in five minutes an entire entry/exit to my neighborhood was impassible. 

It must have dropped, what looked like, a foot of water in five minutes! I got a little nervous when the water in my backyard was about a foot away from the patio door and then for about 10 seconds a gust of wind I haven’t seen/felt since my time living in Hawaii, rushed through taking a tree down with it and then it stopped. 

Thankfully the slope on the patio diverted water down the side of the house and out to the street otherwise I would have been spending the afternoon wiping up water.  

So much fun though.  I know. When it can be serious, I can be a bit of a tool but there’s always a little excitement and awe that I feel when Nature does her thing. 

I most definitely am thankful though. We’ve had a drought for a long enough time and the rain is a welcome sight. 

It reminded me of when I was a kid growing up in Washington where every Spring one of the main roads leading up to my home would flood and I would foolishly drive through it anyways. 

I always regretted it somewhat when the smell of mildew stunk up my car for weeks OR when I would actually flood my engine and have to get out (like an idiot) and push it out of the water and wait for it to dry up enough to start again. The good ole days. 

Okay so maybe I exaggerate a little. It was more like three feet.
There is a street there.

And my backyard neighbors fence.